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I own 2 and after 20 000 miles they are sill great . Weak point to look for is swing arm bolt holes. At least for me both helix bottom ones end up broken but for diffrent reasons. 1) dealer forgot to put axle nut back on 2) the second one end up with a hard blow to the muffler and that broke it. Other fault are simple a: Auto bystater goes back . cost 25 bucks. 2) Rubber Carb boot cracks causing bad engine running c) CDI goes but not that often. These are simple cheap things to fix. To find a helix start by google for a cragslist search engine such as search tempest.
800 to 2500 buys you one. here a good deal for 900 for one with 7500 miles on it one for 1500 with 4500 on it

One you buy one join up with the helix yahoo groups . Also search google for cn250 manual pdf. It's the Oem helix manual that the dealers use to repair it. It's been posted on the web. The helix is never going to lack for parts because it's been clone and also 20 plus years of production. if you want to see custom helix then look up custom cn250 fusion . The japan name for it. Lots of interesting parts to be had in Japan. Everything from a roof kit to an air ride kit to make it into a low rider. The highest mileage helix I ve read about is around 100 thousand plus K. It's not even that hard to make up a sidecar for it . Google helix sidecar the duck for pictures. Show what one guy did and also you ll find the yahoo thread on it. Search here and you ll find I ve post allot on the helix to. Anyway the helix is a one of the best used scooters for the price . Speed wise 76 mph can be had but after 65 it's takes a little bit to get that last 10 mph. 62 mpg is what I ve got . 10 L of gas in the gas tank. About the only thing out that that is better is the new nc700.
The stock helix seat is good for 2 or hours of riding depending on how tall you are. At that point you going to want to get gas . You may want to put a sheep skin on it or wood bead mat like you see in cars. Also installing a gell pads could help.

As one guy also post the ch250 elite is also a great scooter . Some part are hard to find . Brake drums , cables , Left floor mat. Own one till it was backed over by a pizza delivery guy. Didn't even offer me a free pizza after doing it. If pust comes to shove at least one guy has use the elite 250 engine in a helix but that's was in Canada where the helix was only sold for 2 years. He custom fad the shocks mounts to make it work other then that it was just a bolt in fit. He even got to use the cb350 shock mod for the elite 250 on the helix . That save 200 plus bucks for high end helix shocks .
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