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Originally Posted by Sporting Wood View Post
I heard sporting wood was considering laser cutting a bunch of these here air filter plates out, saving the perspective buyer a whole bunch of cash...

i mean, wtf? Its only a $75 filter and the plate is an easy thing to make. You guys spending $300 got too much money!

Here is the filter (Ok, so its $90 now, price went up)

You'd also need a couple of Dzus connectors the folks there sell for $2.15 each.

All else you need is a scrap of 1/16 or .080" alloy... I used a 1/8" piece of 6061 but just about any decent quality aluminum sheet would do... old road signs, legal size clip board, etc...

I didn't use the X-ring attachment as CPR. It looks as though it'd create an opportunity for vibration as evidenced by their first version self destructing. Instead I located some large Buna-N Grommets that isolate vibration to the plate and more firmly affix the plate to the carb bodies imho.

Jigsaw and a drill is all a guy needs to make this thing. I can provide a tracing, or even could lend out a 1/4" plexiglass template. I made this one with a Bosch woodworking router with a bearing mounted flush cutting laminate bit... :eek Even cut a bevel on the side that clips to the filter flange with a bevel cutting bit.

The two little holes I put in there were to affix the template to the metal ... and a mistake in placing one so close to the grommet. Welded'em up though so its no biggie now. Next time, it'd be in a better spot, and likely just riveted over once the cutting was done.

Beat the crap out of it traversing some Colorado passes last week and viola, no cracks! No leaks, no cuts to the Grommets... nothing.

Better - Cheaper - Just as Fast!

Also... as an aside... Those dern weirdly sized 1.3mmX6.3mm carb o-rings that like to leak, I sourced a bag of 1000. Anyone who needs some, pm me. SASE and the promise of a beer might get you a fresh set.
Thanks Sporting Wood for the details of your alternative set up
I've considered changing from the stock set up ( with Prefilter) on my 05 950 S to the CPR for a while know, but have been a little concerned about how it would go riding in Desert and high dust enviroments, water crossings are another cause of concern (to me).

Interested to hear others experiences.

I see that the ITG and CPR are held on by Dues fastners, but only on ones side, what secures the others side ?
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