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Originally Posted by Deadly99 View Post
Beauty is subjective I suppose. I like the "Baja" look it has....and vyes Troy it looks capable to me
"Capable and sorted" means...?

Steering/radius arms at front that are the first point of impact in extreme terrain(foriegn object large rock/gully etc.) with no visible nerfbar/protection?

Decals for headlights and a fiberglass flopper hood (no visible grille/light/support frame).*

Spare tyre that sits below the line of the cars axles/beneath the underbody sill (ie. first thing to hit the ground when it bottoms?)

Rear engine cradle that (what appears) to be only maybe 30 - 40 cm's off the ground (hinder departure angle in deep gullies/dunes?).

*For sure all of these things can be addressed, built, refined and as Sainz stated in the interview; "thees ees a project we start for the future..." but as Strong Bad wrote in his last post... these are all aspects - even if only seemingly minor details - that require prep, development and more prep and that requires time (just as carlos also says in the video; "is against us..." )

TODAY the european DAKAR participants are being scrutineered in Le Havre and sending their completed race cars and bikes on the ship for Lima... and the Qatar/Red Bull buggy has just presented itself in a preliminary test/shakedown video presentation...?

This is another classic example of a Bordone/Ferrari or Alfie Cox/Volvo scenario... a lot of enthusiastic on lookers hoping for something that just isn't there (yet).

Groundwork is the cornerstone to DAKAR... X-Raid/MINI know it, Hallspeed/OverdriveToyota know it, KTM know it... VW, Mitsubishi, Citröen, HRC and YME/BYRD in the past knew it...

To develop a vehicle requires time (4 months is not enough) and shortcuts lead to an early finish/retirement.

You can quote this if you like... Arthduro can vouch for me.
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