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When I first got my new-to-me 09 650 twin, I felt the handling was very difficult in the corners. The battle wings were pretty worn, flat in the centre, but still lots of tread left. I didn't believe this was the issue. I was wrong.

I put new Tourance EXPs on, and my god, the bike now eats the corners. It's like I have a new bike. Way more fun in the corners, rips right through. With the BWs, the bike felt like it wanted to stay fully upright and ride off the corner. I had to fight to get the bike over. I guess that flat centre was the issue.

Only other issue, is the gear change from 3rd to 2nd coming into a slow tight 90 degree turn on the back roads. If I go in fast and downshift to 2nd, the speed change from 3rd is so much, it chatters my back end pretty hard. The tire breaks a little bit, and hops over. I think it's just that I'm hitting the perfect (or not so perfect) rpm & gearing rations coming in. It happens a lot. Maybe too much space between 2nd & 3rd?

Anyway, I love how my 650 twin handles. KOW KOW KOW
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