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Originally Posted by BronkoRob View Post
1994 ATK 605 DSES... and crazy chain torque eliminator contraption.
Back when I was club racing, I built a KZ1000 into a 1205cc firebreather. Big cams, Mikuni 33mm smoothbores, upgraded ignition, exhaust, suspension, welded gussets onto the frame, blahblahblah. Thing was scary fast, this was in the Eddie Lawson era, and when one of the bike rags did a two-article series on his bike and a build they did to copy his factory specs, we were pretty much tied.
Anyway, even with frame and suspension upgrades, it was a handful especially in tight turns when you accelerated hard out of the corner. I bought the CalFab/ATK swingarm, a big beefy welded aluminum piece with the ATK device on it.
Made quite a difference. Dunno why it never caught on.

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