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AMMCA, I took the liberty to put you on the IN list with the cool kids.

Rustynut2 is correct. The KLR should do fine and you can pick what you want to ride. Plenty of cool, not too technical unpaved roads to choose from and some super cool, technical stuff as well. Just depends on your comfort level - I've seen giant GS's go where I fear to tread. The paved roads are also pretty awesome.

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I have a 2011 KLR 650. is this too big a bike for this event. Plan on trailering up from central AR. so I will have fresh off road knobs on the bike. I don't have all kinds of sh^t hooked to my bike. ie..crash bars etc.. I have racks and hard bags but plan to remove these beforehand. The bike is stock so no added weight. I have looked at some video of prior year SLAP on youtube but this was just a few guys doing some pretty technical stuff but I am interested in that too.
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