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Originally Posted by cug View Post
And why would that be? They are a pain in the ass to maintain, have sometimes weird and unexpected failures that result in holes in the crank case / engine case, if they fall apart it's always somewhere where you can't get a replacement or the frigging Triumph dealer won't ship to you because you're in the middle of Mongolia or so, they look great for 10k miles and then suddenly fail within another 1k (actual numbers pulled out of thin air, for me chains were great for LONG time, then suddenly deteriorated very quickly), are messy, need lubing in normal times but as soon as it gets sandy or dusty, you really don't want any lube on them, and so on.

Chains are a relict of shitty end user technology, just because they are cheap, halfway light, and transfer power pretty efficiently. That doesn't make them "the best drive". It just makes them not go away, which they should have 30 years ago for normal street motorcycles outside the Race Replica and the < 500cc class. A standard swingarm with a shaft isn't that much heavier or more expensive than a swingarm with a chain, you don't loose much power (And who the hell cares for the 2 or 3 HP outside the race track?) and the convenience is just unbelievable compared to a chain.

Just my 2c of course ...
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