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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Of course down here it does not feel like Thanksgiving and I am really, really, really missing my wife's cooking. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

It was a fun day anyway, even if a little nontraditional for me. I saw monkeys instead. Lots and lots of monkeys.

I went to Mario Antonio national park. Definitely worth it if you are in the neighborhood. In about 2 hours, I saw the following:

Squirrel monkeys
Howler monkeys
Two-toed sloths
Three-toed sloths
Capuchin monkeys
A cayman
Various insects
And lots of plants.

I was smart enough to do it this morning before the afternoon rain started. More I can type while it rains.

I paid the extra money for a guide. Worth it if you want to see the extras including the stuff up high. Almost no other way to see the sloths. he brings a telescope for that.

Our guide peering into the forest.

See the cayman in the middle?

How about with the picture cropped? Same picture.

The two-toed sloth, but through the telescope.

The three-toed

A squirrel monkey jumping between trees.

The howler monkey

One of the iguanas
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