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Originally Posted by lamotovita View Post
Trials clubs in your area must have a very different makeup than here in the west. Here the clubs are predominately older riders, many of which are old racers. In our club the median age is probably close to 50, this is not a good thing, we need younger riders.
What I see is younger riders that want to buy Trials bikes but not neccasarily ride trials competitions. There are probably more Trials bikes used for trail riding than for Trials competition.
You make it sound like the events you have experience with have no easy or novice lines. Here we have beginner lines that can be ridden on most any kind of bike or by very young children on small bikes.
Are you currently a member of a Trials club? I'd like to hear about the conditions and classes in your club events.
So everyone in the state of MI rides in an org called the MOTA. There are very few riders older than late 30s. The whole thing is geared for the guy in great shape with high difficulty ratios because there is virtually no suitable terrain. There are only a handful of Sportsman or SR riders. Actually not many total riders in the state at all.

Riding in the beginner class is looked down upon for adults because that is the area for the youth riders on 80s mostly. It is really too easy. The novice line though is just crazy with huge logs and super tight turns. In essence there is no class for an adult beginner other than the CRASH HARD line. This is what people see first. If you have a vintage bike you are just sunk.

My take on the whole trials scene here is that it is generational as heck. Grandpa , son in 30s and grandson and 3 generations of about 6 families dominate the whole thing. They are good guys but real purists. The trail system on the other hand has lots of opportunities for open riding on a trail bike. No one here rides a trials bike for trails as they are whooped out sand single track and open 2 track that are better run on an enduro type bike with a big range. We have no need for a rock-picking line type of bike. I have a vintage and very nice KT250 Kaw that has just sat in my garage for 2 yrs now that I don't use at all. That is what I see from here.

There are 6 MX races per wknd state-wide though. You can walk right in and buy a crosser anywhere and be ready to race by the next Sunday close to home! This is MX and enduro country. Riders here do not want to commit to the discipline of trials after they have seen it once IMO. A lot different than where you are probably.
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