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going down

I had a brand new 05 LT and got a nail in the front tire. I took the wheel off and had a new tire installed. Never thought about the new tire being slick(never had a problem in 30 years of riding). Went to the first intersection which was a divided highway, went accross the first two lanes and turned left with a sporty lean and down my brand new 2000 mile bike went. I landed in the left lane, thank God there were not cars coming from behind me! The bike must have slid a 100 yards going in to the right lane and eventually curving back towards the median. About the time the LT got to the grass median it finally stopped. The damage was bad, but not as bad as I had imagined. I just had jeans on with a protective jacket and gloves. The jeans tore and I got a pretty good rash on the knee, other than that it was just pride.
That was a hard way to learn a lesson, but I always find a gravel road now and take it real easy unitl I get there.
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