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Originally Posted by inyang View Post
Falling is not compulsory though

When coming to a stop, unclip both feet. If you unclip say left, by the time you stop, right may be more convenient to put down, cue roll over

If you come to a stop, attempt to unclip and fail, don't struggle to unclip, that will only make you fall, move a bit further and unclip. If no space or you feel there is no space, hold the brakes, press on the pedals, that may buy you time to unclip one foot.

Most times its panic that causes the fall, you still have a few seconds left to unclip if only......
Good advice.

I've started trying to stop before the stop line at intersection; just make sure I have a few extra feet to roll unclip etc if need be.

I can unclip my right foot no problems, but my left is sometimes "sticky." the motion just seems very unnatural.
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