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Phuket - Khao Lak - Ao Nang round trip

My first thread here, so a bit of philosophy first.

I have posted most of this on another forum I have belonged to for a while, but given that it is more focused on a model of bike, it probably belongs here more than there.

After nearly five decades of getting around on two wheels in about 15 countries, motorcycling to me is more about the journey than the machine I ride. There are motorcycles (mostly small) in the pictures from this trip, including my own in one or two perchance. If you can live without motorcycle porn, please enjoy the ride.

This report is a composite of three trips, the last one being the complete round trip from Phuket to Khao Lak, on to Ao Nang, returning to Phuket. The on the map the basic journey is about 400 km, but with side trips to explore I covered a few more.

Mission Hospital-Phuket to Mission Hospital-Phuket - Google Maps

From a riding point of view for the most part the roads are nothing special, but the route goes through some spectacular country, so the ride is far from boring. From my point of view it was good to have a few days of relaxed riding away from the hectic Phuket traffic. I just rolled along at about 75 km/hr (45 mph) on the main roads, and less on the byways, enjoying the scenery. My 100cc bike averaged better than 110 mpg (US) for the trip.

The road from Phuket to Khok Kloi is mostly fairly straight flat, divided dual carriageway.

From Klok Kloi to Khao Lak it gets a bit more interesting, a regular road gently winding through rubber and oil palm plantations.

Exploring byways north of Khao Lak took me on to tracks that were accessible to a lightweight motorcycle, but would have stopped a heavyweight touring machine.

The Khao Lak - Thap Put leg of the route to Ao Nang is more fun from a riding point of view.

However it is not a place for spirited riding as in parts the road is tight and winding with many blind bends.

Back on the main road between Phang Nga and Krabi it is just undulating highway, albeit through spectacular surroundings.

The secondary road between Ao Leuk and Phang Nga cuts 20 km off the main highway route, but it is narrow but heavily used by commercial vehicles. Motorcyclists can expect to be forced off the road several times by on coming trucks or vans passing slower vehicles. As you can see there is not much of a shoulder to escape to.

That's the roads done..... if any one is interested I'll post photos of what I saw along the way over the next week or two as time allows
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