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Rarest Bike?

Back in the early 1960's I had a DMW. That's DMW, like in Dawson Motors, Wolverhampton, England. Large tool tray under the saddle, leading link front suspension like BMW. It also had an eccentric chain adjuster mounted on the swing arm just behind the swing arm pivot. The whole swing arm moved to adjust the chain. I also had a 250 DOT trials, a James 175 road bike, an Allstate 250 Enduro, wonderful bike. A Matchless 750 scrambler. It looked like, what is it, a P11 Norton 750 scrambler with different tank labeling? The one thing I remember most about that Matchless is it had killer torque for enduros but got miserable gas milage. If anyone finds a 750 Matchless Scrambler with and oil tank in the normal place plus oil running through the frame, I built the bike. Put your hand on the frame while it was running and it was warm, not hot. I forgot to mention, I still have a year unknown Tote Goat model 706 long wheelbase off road scooter. This bike has WIDE tires for use in sand. Think Piper Cub airplane tires. It was used by the Forestry Service before ATV's were even invented. Also a ton of literature for that bike. Sure would like to have the DMW or the Allstate back. Oh well, I do have six Triumphs, '05 Sportster, '64 BMW R60/2, '80 Honda XL250s, '65 BSA Spitfire Hornet, a Chinese 50cc scooter of some unknown make and a "few" others. Still love British bikes after 50+ years.
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