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The crossing took around 15 hours, with one stop at Bella Bella to drop and take on passengers. The ‘inside passage’ route is quite picturesque, and calm. For most of the route, the channel is only a few hundred metres across … more like going down a wide river, than at sea … so the waters were quite calm. No real chop until the last little sprint across open ocean from the exit of the channel to the north end of Vancouver Island.

Daylight broke while I was in line at the Prince Rupert terminal, and didn’t fall until about 30 minutes from Port Hardy, so the sightseeing was phenomenal. Low cloud for most of the day, but clear as a bell at water level, so all sorts of wildlife were visible: bald eagles, sea lions, whales, and pacific white-sided dophins. I did my best snapping stills with the video camera, but after reviewing the results when I got home, I was really wishing I hadn’t sent the good stills-camera with the Mrs.

Easily the highlight of the trip ... this is only a fraction of the wildlife I saw on the trip ... sorry for the camera-shake. My little HD video cam has an incredible zoom (40x), and without a tripod the image is pretty shakey, even with the stabilization option on.

The ship arrived at Prince Rupert around 10:30pm. I was beat and just wanted to get to bed. Luckily, I had pre-booked a motel room not far from the ferry terminal, and had pre-programed the location into the GPS. I managed to beat most of the traffic from the ferry to town, and didn’t have to wait to check in. After unpacking the bike-luggage into the room (I had been smart enough to request a ground-level room when I booked), a quick shower, and a brief use of the wi-fi to check messages, I packed it in.

Libation: A couple of beers in the cafeteria
Smoke: none … strictly verboten on BC Ferries … at least the normal tobacco kind.
Tunes: Audiobooks: “The Lonely Men” and “Mojave Crossing” by Louis L’Amour. Assorted tunes while I napped.
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