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Originally Posted by HeyWhatever View Post
Alright... I will add my two cents.

If I were as high maintenance as the original poster, I think I would have to shoot myself...

Lord almighty...

I have done many many many trips, including a 10 week one, by myself in the middle of winter all over the US... as a woman... and I do not plan on having a sex change any time soon.

1. Shaving... shave the pits once a week on a trip.
Forget about the legs as you will be wearing long riding pants for 95% of the time.
Forget about the pubes, but take some surfing shorts to wear over the swim suit so you don't offend the locals.

2. Underwear is OPTIONAL except it is required for 'that time of the month'... in which pads work fine.
And if you get good pads, you don't even have to change the underwear every day!

3. The best thing under riding gear is lycra tights. LOL.
They sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide... and you can rinse them out and they will be dry in the morning.

4. Forget about wearing a bra, as a tight leather jacket will do you the same justice.
Maybe bring a sports bra if you want to jog in the morning.

5. Soap? Fuck that shit. Shampoo does the same thing.

6. Eyeliner is the only makeup you will ever need.

7. Deodorant... good...

8. Tent, pad, sleeping bag, stove, food, etc. phone, i-pod, laptop... all essential.

That is all I have to say about traveling as a woman. I don't mean to be mean to the OP or just to be negative, but I read the original post and the first thing I thought was... OH LORD!!!

It was good for a laugh, though.

PS- Take a self defense class or martial arts before you go. Always carry pepper spray, readily accesible. Always check in on a regular basis with your home base with as much details of where you are and when. If you are traveling with a partner still do these things... because you just never know.
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