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Originally Posted by DruncleWill View Post
Not to be nitpicky, but "Chinese effort" seems a funny thing to call the former X-Raid cars preped by SMG
That was the intel that I was working from also - thanks Druncle - fact is that the "Great Wall" Dakar efforts (since three years before) have always been achieved by putting their logo and colour scheme on other - existing - teams machinery and call them "Great Wall" something or others; they then run using logistics provided by that team. So it is hardly a "factory" effort... more like rent a racer. It will be interesting to see what they build/prepare of their own for 2014...?

(Before the X-Raid BMW based vehicles were purchase, they ran with re-liveried Dessoude NISSAN).

It is a little reminiscent of the the JinCheng (also chinese team) in the moto category...which have used a number of different other manufacturer bikes (extensively modified with a decal kit of their own design ) as a platform for their DAKAR racing plans.
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