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Originally Posted by cug View Post
Me like!

I don't have any heated gear yet, and if we get some, it'll be the heated liner for my wife first before I'm allowed to buy heated gear for me ...

Was thinking about Warm & Safe, too, as they seem to have a pretty good reputation and seem to be nicely manufactured, while Gerbings has been getting some heat (pun intended) for outsourcing to China and manufacturing them as cheaply as possible, e.g. not having heating elements around the arm, only on top and so on. But I don't want to get this into a heated gear thread, just saying.

I really like the wireless controller, how does this work out for you? I'm thinking of heated glove liners (if it gets extremely cold) and a heated jacket. The Tiger should have enough juice to drive both without an issue I guess. Do you guys also use heated pant liners? For me, freezing always starts around the hands, shoulders, arms, chest area, then feet and way after that I feel the cold in the legs.
I've run a full complement of gear (gloves+jacket+pants+socks) off the Tiger and have had no issues. It's probably about 240W worth of draw, but I can't say it's ever run at 100%, as that just gets too hot!

The dual channel is nice; I typically run gloves+jacket on channel 1 and pants+socks on channel 2. If I am running just gloves and jacket for the day, each go on their separate channel.

As for the Montana, I also have a 60cx. No comparison. The Montana is MUCH easier to read, and the only thing I miss about the 60cx is the dedicated "mark waypoint" button.
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