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Originally Posted by peterman View Post
fuck this thread, and anybody who hasn't posted innit!

show the fuck up,,,,or don't!
it really is that easy!
If it's too far for some to ride,,well, we won't miss your kind anyway!
If you can't put out a bit of effort to "be here now", then stay home and miss the fun.
If we do it right,,you can read about us in the news, or stay in your easy chair and watch it on the TV news at 11.
Your lack of presence around the fire will give fuel for ridicule of the non partici-pants. or fancy-pants, or under-pants, or them that wear skirts!
Don't show up,,and automatically cross yerself off my christmas list! And I ain't even a christian!
Of course we're going,,and of course I'll be there, so will the rest of you FF's!
where and when are not the deciding factors, just formalities.

I like how you roll!!!
Rangers Lead the Way, Hooah!
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