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Originally Posted by 225 View Post
4 hinges. 2 for the door, 2 for the hatch: $49.23

WOAH, WOAH, WOAH!!!!!! Waitaminute.....

You're gonna use these fence door hinges for your rear hatchback?????


The one place on our teardrop where we had a constant ongoing problem with leaks, was the rear galley hatchback lid. We fought with that thing for several years...but could never get it to stop leaking. I tried all sorts of soultions (and I consider myself a pretty fair weekend engineer), between caulks, gaskets, flanges, rain try and get that sucker to stop leaking (and potentially rotting out the rear section of the camper body)

that was, until we tried onna these...

Li'l Bear Teardrop Hinges, Moldings & Seals

"Better-Than-Hurricane" Leakproof Galley Lid Hinge
  • 2-piece Extruded Aluminum - mill finish!
  • Lower Profile Crown
  • Tighter "Nesting Pocket" Within the Crown (less slop/play)
  • NO Lid-to-Roof Offset!
This seamless hinge was the final soultion to our leaky lid problem.

They're not at all expensive, and work so well that I'm pissed at myself for being so cheap and not going this route the first time.

Trust me...this is not something you wanna put so much time, work, and love into, and have to deal with a frikken ongoing headache of a problem with, that will spoil your fun and love of it....when there's such a simple solution available.

oh, and you can pick one up here...

OK.....other then that, it's going great....let's get this thing built!!
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