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Originally Posted by LoneStar View Post
Picked up one of the Husky 1/4" x 5/16" mini ratchets couple days ago - pretty slick. Bought the Lowes version as well for comparison. Lowes was a little kit with several bits for $9 vs $17 for Husky at HD. Husky mechanism switch worked more easily and the actual bit socket is 6-sided vs the Lowes which felt crusty and has a spline bit socket.

Anyone sourced any 5/16 shank bits other than short Torx bits? Seems the Torx are all I can find online but I'd love to find some 3" - 6" long Hex and Torx bits with the 5/16 shank size...
I use mine with a 1/4" hex adapter and an extension most often. But you could get a hex extension too. Seems better to me to carry one extension than a bunch of long bits, even if you could find them.
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