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Originally Posted by alii1959 View Post
I guess I just don't understand why it is so important to make a stupid choice. I understand why the opportunity to make that choice is so important. But, those are two different things.
They aren't making a 'choice'. They are making a statement. People who ride without helmets are mostly just trying to fit in with their chosen brethren in the pursuit of style, but a few screwballs think they are making some sort of political statement.

So where does this notion of freedom reside in a motorbike? Why a column of old shaggy pirates escorting a funeral procession of some poor dead GI? How is there a connection? There isn't in my view.

I understand the sensation of unconstrained motoring that motorbikes generate for their riders. Even more so for those riding a dirtbike through the wilderness somewhere. That is certainly a sensation of freedom, but not in a political sense...I just don't get the helmetless thing. Any dope who races motorcycles knows better. They'd be dead by now if they didn't.
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