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I've owned about 30--mostly motorcycles with four scooters in there.
Currently own a Burgman 400 and a great all-rounder mid-displacement
standard motorcycle. That is my resume for my great perspective. :)

I say that if you have a current lust for a maxi-scooter, don't worry about
whether you will want it forever. Enjoy it until you lust after something else.
I have been very disappointed with some of my purchases over the years,
but I am glad I had the experiences. They all had some fun and they helped
guide me in later purchases.

Life is short. You don't need to settle on one thing forever.

But I will say one BIG thing in favor of scooters. If you think you want to socialize
in the flesh with like-minded riders, I have found scooter riders more casual and
much less annoying than one-brand or one-type motorcyclists. Generally,
I have found that scooter riders seem to have less to prove.
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