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Originally Posted by lvscrvs View Post
I'm curious to know how you think these 3 compare to the Sidi Adventures in terms of protection (specifically for the ankle and foot), comfort (on the bike and walking), weight and fit. Obviously the Adventures are at a much higher price point, but they are also highly recommended by many.
First, one thing: The Sidis are "Adventure Touring" boots, while the GX-1 / Terrain TX / M1.2 are MX boots. They are one of the more rigid ones, but to be clear they are a different boot category. (Apologies if you already know this.)

My feeling is that these, and MX boots in general, are more protective for a few reasons: they have a more rigid midsole (for frontal impacts) more plastic and thus support around the ankle and foot, and additional height that helps absorb / distribute twisting force, through a larger area and structure. They also allow use with offroad style knee/shin armor, something we feel is critical.

Conversely, MX boots are less walking friendly, because of the same factors.

Comfort, either on or off the bike, is a separate factor. The comfort of a boot is mostly driven by the shape of the foot chamber, amount of internal padding, and proper design of the plastic shapes. An ADV boot built on a crummy last will be uncomfortable, whereas a well-executed MX boot like an SG10 is quite comfortable. One can argue that different categories are more / less comfortable, but we feel the execution if the lasting and plastics design is more important.

I want to stress this, because we hear one comment so, so often: "I don't want MX boots because they are too uncomfortable, too much". They say this because they have tried on a poorly executed MX boot, which is usually is a bad experience. The reality is that not all MX boots are the same - and not all are uncomfortable. Quite the opposite.

These three MX boots are good for ADV riding, because they are among the most comfortable, lightest weight, best executed ones we have found. I personally did a ton of comparing, especially to find an entry price MX boot that we could recommend.

Hope that helps.


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