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Originally Posted by FlySniper View Post
VERSYS 300, NOW!!!

This +2

I am an avid advocate of the TU250x standard single. But, as much as I love my 250 single, it really is working hard on 65mph highways with all my gear acting as an air brake. I don't really like the plastic clad sport bike look for a general purpose street bike. But, in White the Ninja 300 looks good. (looks like quite a bit of damage could occur with just a parking lot tip over. Stuff happens.)

This being said, after swinging a leg over the 300, it is not too far removed from a standard riding position. A 300 water cooled FI twin will likely have enough juice (very technical term 'juice' = the subjective compilation of hp and torque that makes a bike 'feel' good) to move along on the interstate.

Since a 300 versys is not likely in the cards, the 300 ninja is about the only game in town. FI I'm sure plays a big role in changing the torque & Hp curves. I am intrigued.
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