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I was camping off my Husky TE610E, equipped with a rear rack and bag protectors.
Used a 50L Ortlieb dry bag to carry tent and allied equipment, stove and sleeping bag and associated stuff went in one Ortlieb saddlebag (the old 25 liter throwovers) and clothes and so on in the other.
WOflman dual sport tankbag for tools and heavier items.

That whole setup (excluding the racks, I am still working on that) is being moved to a Yamaha YBR125G, a 'dual sport' model made in China and imported into the Philippines and several other countries.

While that seems crazy, the bike has a higher carrying capacity than the Husky, and the saddle is actually bigger (wider and longer). A 3.2 gallon tank takes me over 240 miles if I am pushing it.

Bike is quite competent at trail crawling: low weight and low saddle height and narrow width let you go places that will give a rider on a 'real' adventure bike fits.

For a stove, it is hard to beat the Trangia system: Alcohol, so you can get fuel around the world. Mine is a 30 year old knockoff, comes with an extremely efficient windshield / base / pot holder that makes up for the lower efficiency of alcohol. I've used it at 10,000 feet in sub zero temperatures without too many issues.
No need for plates as the Trangia comes with two pots and a fry pan, base / stove holder and windshield in one compact package.
No moving parts, no wearing parts, really robust, simple and easy to use. Very stable in all conditions.

For a tent, I've switched to a Nemo 3P. The extra space (50 square feet) costs only a pound in weight over the 2P. Great for tropical climes as well, with doors and mesh on 2 sides for optimal flow, and I don't get claustrophobia if I have to spend a few days in one spot.
'11 Yamaha YBR125G (cheap and very cheerful
'12 Zongshen Fly / Motorstar MSX200-II (biggest-fun-to-dollar ratio of any bike I've owned)
'03 Honda VFR800 (sold)
'06 Husky TE610 (gone)
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