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So my bike is apart at the moment (cleaning and fixing stuff up) and the previous owner gave me an after market choke plate that he never go round to installing so I thought I'd put it in and check the jets while I was there.

Since the choke lever was broken I was told it just took a bit more priming of the engine to get it going and it did seem to start fine. I bought a replacement lever and put the plate in (there was currently no choke plate in it) and noticed that the jets were currently #62 and #165. This seems really rich compared to stock yeah? Especially as it doesn't have an aftermarket pipe.

So my question is: would there be any point using the new choke, since it might just run way too rich and flood the motor?

Also should I decrease the jets so it's not running so rich? The plug was completely coated in carbon and looking at the piston through the sparkplug hole it seemed to be black too.

Extra info: has a 630cc kit but not sure how that would affect jetting that much surely?


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