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Originally Posted by NothingLikeADVerting View Post
10) Take the Rider Safety Course.
9) Share the road. Never force or assume the right of way. Be patient.
8) Look where you want to go.
7) Wear what you would like to be wearing when you fall. ATGATT.
6) Double-check that the chin strap is fastened on your helmet.
5) Painted sections and metal surfaces are slick when wet.
4) Keep your head up. Keep your head on a swivel. Know your available exit routes, if you had to maneuver quickly. Anticipate potential dangers constantly. Play the “what if?” game. What if a vehicle rolls through an approaching intersection turning right in front of you? Or what if you are approaching an intersection and an oncoming vehicle turns left or makes a U-turn in front of you? Etc.
3) Smooth is fast.
2) The throttle is your friend.
1) Ride like everyone is out to get you. Don’t let them do it.

Very nicely pointed out...for me I like 7...very very much...And what if game...I thought I was the only loony around talking to myself
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