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I had hoped to leave work early and that we could make it to Istanbul; wasn't going to happen, the ambassador wanted a full briefing about ongoing projects. I couldn't really complain, as with our workload at that time it would not have been unreasonable for him to refuse my vacation application.

Anyhow, we had decided to go nevertheless as it meant being on the road - who knows when me might effectively get away next morning.
Just ride as far as we get; next day we wanted to stay in RTW-Dougs camp in Bulgaria, a rather long trip anyway.

My rear tire was a bit flat under the load, but the gas station compressor didn't work. Luckily the trucks around here carry compressors, and this guy was only the first of a row of help full truckers.

We had made it over the mountains to the small Town of Düzce when we called it quits long after midnight; the hotel was cheap and clean, and the breakfast typically Turkish, which is good but for the lacking coffee (had made some on the Coleman in the room before though)

room with a view

tightening the chain before Istanbul

tea break somewhere on the european side already

remnants of the past in Bulgaria

loaded with self-made ovens

on self made roof-racks

having arrived at Dougs place after a 750 km stretch a bit late in the night; for those who don't know her - this is Harley, the dog


an other traveller, Jens from Germany, coming back from Central Asia

a quick breakfast and we left Poly and Ivo to head to Serbia, where we want to stay with my old friend Slavisa. Doug was in the US, having just had finished the Canonball.

next :
Why are we going where and that on bikes a normal or better sane rider wouldn't touch with a bargepole
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