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Interesting question,
I just got my first Maxi scooter ( about 2200 miles now) and am pretty well satisfied with it.
Were it not for a problem with my left arm that causes severe pain in the elbow using a clutch i probably would not have made the switch from a motorcycle.

Will i go back to a motorcycle ?
Maybe, if my arm problem ever improves ( doubtful)

Then again why go back ?
If a semi-automatic transmission is good for F-1 drivers, Porsche uses a tiptronic semi automatic gear box, Honda is introducing a dual clutch transmission in motorcycles, I begin to think they are all on to something. Most of the youth today could not manipulate a standard shift transmission if you held a gun to their heads.
Who then is going to ride motorcycles ????

This coming from a stick shift person from the 40's/50's living in a turbocharged world

Find an '09 Yamaha FJR1300 AE. I have one, love the electronic clutch. Shifting is done with either left index finger, or left foot - not both! Effortless. You do have to shift, but not necessary to get to neutral when stopping, will not stall starting from 2nd (many prefer not to use 1st).
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