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Originally Posted by Stumpy Pete View Post
I have a GPS V that will store 10 tracks. I'm comtemplating a trip for which it'd be nice to store more than 10 tracks, like maybe 20 or 30. It seems like I should be able to store tracks on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone and send them to my GPS V. (These tracks wouldn't be created by the phone, just uploaded to and stored on the phone's SD card.)

Is there an app for my phone that'll let me store tracks on my phone and send them to the GPS V as needed? Or is this something that's just never gonna happen?


Stumpy Pete
Most likely answer is, it's not going to happen.

Your GPS-V only supports Serial Data Transfer (In/Out). So, your Android phone would need to have a Serial Data Transfer application that could interface with the Serial-to-USB Cable you'd need from Garmin to physically connect your GPS-V to your Android phone. You might be able to find the cable (there was one) but you'd spend much less time and maybe money, by purchasing a new GPS.

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