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Originally Posted by Snownut View Post
Which one do you use?

And yes, a Nalgene bottle is perfect. The wide mouth lets you swirl the Steripen around per instructions. Drink from the Nalgene bottle or dump it in your Camelbak, whatever.

I refilled my water stock at a mountain stream on the side of the dirt road leading to Batopilas. I had run out of bottled water and was parched. Sure, could have waited for arrival in Bato, but point is, didn't have to. City, country, forest, field - if you can find water you can treat it and drink it. I suppose if someone wanted to expand this discussion to what about industrial chemical removal we could be here all day - for the rest of us, the gist is just carry something to treat water and so if you run out of bottled water you're not stuck.
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