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I saw a little solar charger in the Freedom video clip but didn't see it as an accessory, I wonder if that's the solar charger you mention being available in January..
Solar charger is not sold separately. Regarding the product avail in Jan, see here:

I've seen poor reviews of the unit/solar charger that's being phased out - wonder if they're correcting some problems.

Forget the little solar charger. You won't be on the Lewis and Clark Expedition anytime soon.
The solar charger comes with the unit that does not have (easily) replaceable batteries. So might be handy in a certain situations. I think I'd get the steripen with a number of activities in mind, not just riding in Mexico.

What would be nice is a steripen lid accessory where you could screw it on a Nalgene bottle and slowly shake/stir the bottle..
There are adapters for the steripen pre-filters that fit various bottles, but not necessarily designed for steripen itself, I think.

People are not taking enough photos these days. Who cares if you die of thirst, I want to see your photos.
Currently sorting through the 1500 photos I took on my summer tour. Hoo boy it's a job, but I think I got a few good ones!
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