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My tuppence..
IMO people that get pissed off when they ask a favour and get told "no" need to grow up a bit. If hearing "no" will upset you, it's best to not ask at all.

Maybe this guy was a jerk, maybe he wasn't. You just don't know.

As for the shiny/trailered bike haters - what? The way I see it the more people that purchase bikes the better. So they don't ride as much as you do, do you ride as much as others? Probably not. Do you measure kudos in miles? in mud? by scratches on the bike? The fact is you see the bike clean, you see it on a trailer and you make a judgement. Same guy, same bike but a day earlier? in the mud? on the road? You make a different judgement. Same guy and same bike but a day later but at a bike show? Different judgement.
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