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I'm not sure about that. I have a 2007 K 1200GT in my garage and word is that its' transmission was / is made by Gertag, and I beleive that was confirmed by a BMW Service Manager. Which brings up a point that I have not come across in all the speculation I have been reading here. Looking at the new GS, it's driveline is now on the opposite side of the bike as comparred to all previous GS's, but the same as the newer GT's. And when you consider that the new Boxer has a stacked transmission, and wet clutch, just as the KGT's, it becomes obvious, to me at least, that BMW has incorporated some of the technology that went into the develomement of the new K series of bikes. And as an owner of numerous BMW's over the years, from Airheads to Brick K's and both generations of Oilheads, if my GT is any example, there are going to alot of post from new owners about how these bikes shift as comparred to the old models. I like to consider myself pretty good on my BMW's, with smooth being the operative word, and it has taken me almost a year to get pretty " smooth " when it comes to running thru the gearbox. However, if my presumptions are accurate, at least new owners of the new GS will have had the slant 4 K bikes, and their owners, as Beta testers.


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