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There have been several accidents with cables in the Jafaar piste. I'm not sure the wire is there for for goats or simply for bikers and their belongings.

I did basically the same route in september, just the opposite direction. Started in Midelt, finished the day in Todhra Gorge.

I was sort of robbed in the first village after the piste (the last one before entering, for you). A guy jumped on my bike, tried to open my bag and eventually did it. He also threatened to slice my neck and throw me a stone he had. I lost there a notepad with feelings and names of lots of nice people I had met in Morocco so far.
He was yelling to some mates so it was time to go NOW. I revved the hell out of the place across a small river, the village and a corn field to the main road.

To summarize, the area is wonderful, but is not the friendliest place around the country. I was told by a NGO Doctor just some km after that there are problems in the area. There's no police station for many km's so the bad guys have more incentives to try luck.
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Cirque de Jaffar is known as a tricky area. Remember the barbed wire spotted in the middle of the track.
I know they are very unfriendly with bikers. In the past some assholes have ruined some gardens-crops so locals are not pleasent in general. There seems to be a gang of youngters making trouble on regular basis.
Therefore, never ride alone. If in group gather all together before.

As for the horrible state of the road to Imilghil, it was the same in september. I found it was very nice to ride. Didn't had a problem (old Tenere) but some slovakian riders I met had 7 punctures in those 100km.

All in all, an interesting day: got robbed, crashed, kids spitted and throwed stones to me. But the riding was splendorous.
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