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Originally Posted by bogey78 View Post
I thought Battle Scooters would be the best place to post this question. My only scooter experiences were an old early 80's Honda Express and a few years ago a 50cc Yamaha Zuma. I sold the Zuma b/c I found there were many places I didn't feel safe due to the relatively slow speed. However, I still remember how much fun it was to zip around on the little zoomer.

I have toyed with the idea of buying a Majesty, Burgman, Kymco, T-Max or another Maxiscooter. However, I wonder if I won't find myself longing for a regular bike after a few months. I have narrowed down my next bike purchase to either and FZ6, Ninja 650, Versys or a Maxi-Scoot. I love the storage, auto tranny, and weather protection of the scoots. I don't like removing body work for routine maintenance but I could deal with it.

My question is how many of you have moved from motorcycles to maxi scoots and then went back to motorcycles? And why?

I'm the guy with the "Thinking of trading my KLR for a Burgman" thread.....FWIW I've got a bike and have had and riden a wide range of stuff and I still want a maxi. But it depends on what you are after. My cousin has a Versys, he traveled to Yellowstone and back with me this year and while I like the bike, I don't love it. Riding position is good/neutral almost dual sportish with a hint of forward lean. Passenger accomodations are small and lean toward the sport bike end of the spectrum. The engine is good that's about the only strong point I saw. Even with a large screen, wind protection wasn't great especially when compared to most maxi's. But when compared to the Strom or something similar the Versys does feel small and nimble. I haven't ridden the Fazer or the Ninja 650 but have had much sportier bikes, my ZX6 and my VFR and while the power is fun for a little bit after you get over the initial rush you start looking for the more everyday features that make riding enjoyable and comfortable. My buddy just got the new Honda NC700X and I'm not impressed with it either. I hear the engine is great with the automatic but I don't like it with the manual. And if I ignore the short comings on the motor, again I'm left with a bike with very little wind protection, honestly that thing is almost a naked bike with a fly screen. It does have storage but not quite enough to fit a helmet in, not a full face anyway. Personally I think if you want to corner carve and set the world on fire on the weekends then it's going to take a sportier bike to satify that. But if distance/comfort, storage, wind protection, ease of operation are what matter more to you, I think you'll be sorry if you don't look hard at a maxi. The only downfall you mentioned in your own words were, having to remove panels for maint. But honestly, ease of maint needs to be lower on the list, scotters aren't any harder than any bike and if it take you 20 minutes to get panels off to do an oil change or some adjustment, think of the thousands of miles you covered in comfort and the 20 minutes just won't matter. With all that said I'm at the point in my life where comfort for the long haul is overtaking the gratification of speed and hooliganism. How about you get the best of both worlds and get a T-Max, you have your sport and your scooter.
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