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Originally Posted by anotherguy View Post
If it bothers you that much do something. Plant some trees. After all they are the atmosphere's air filter an we keep cutting them down. Run Amsoil synthetic oil at 100:1 and keep your bike well tuned. Ride a bicycle to work to help offset the emissions from the dirt bike. There are things you can do. However you must do them.
Those are great points and probably the best thing I can do. I suppose it is all relative and when it comes down to it any petroleum burning machine will create pollution. While a small two stroke doesn't burn much gas, the way it is burned is quite different but it is still a matter of degree. Even my wr250r with a catalytic converter emits the same kind of pollutants as a two stroke, just in a much smaller amount and different ratios.

I think it would be really nice if they made some direct injected two strokes. That would cut the pollution and keep the light weight feel I love. I'm holding out for DI on my next bike.
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