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That's gotta be my favorite interaction on the road, when a bored looking kid spots you out the side window, or out the back at traffic lights and you give them a little wave. That excited wave back, and jumping around telling Mum and Dad "he waved at me! He waved at me!" Then slapping his brothers and sisters until there's five little faces squashed up against the window all waving and smiles... Brightens my day.
Had my first experience with this in rush hour traffic a few nights ago...I hear a kid's voice & look over into the SUV beside me & see a little kid bouncin & wavin. So I look over & say "Hi there" & wave. For the next 2 miles (that's 10 minutes in traffic, dammit)...every time I'd pass them (or vise versa), I'd here "Hi there" in a little kid voice. The first time it happened I heard what sounded like mom laughin in the front seat.
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