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Originally Posted by DRTBYK View Post
Most likely answer is, it's not going to happen.

Your GPS-V only supports Serial Data Transfer (In/Out). So, your Android phone would need to have a Serial Data Transfer application that could interface with the Serial-to-USB Cable you'd need from Garmin to physically connect your GPS-V to your Android phone. You might be able to find the cable (there was one) but you'd spend much less time and maybe money, by purchasing a new GPS.

Thanks, DRTBYK!

The hardware seems easy enough. The GPS V has four pins on the back. Two are for power, two are for data. Beyond that, I know very little about how that data gets into the GPS.

I figured the bigger problem was that the phone doesn't normally (if ever) send data through its USB port. My computer can receive data from my phone, but the computer has to "ask" for it. The phone can't initiate the transfer. The phone is passive during the transfer. The GPS is the same; it can't initiate a transfer, either.

I know just enough about this stuff to imagine things I'd like to do and ask questions. Maybe someone who knows lots more than I do will teach me something.
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