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True but...

Originally Posted by Billtr96sn View Post
Actually they can fix broken skulls and I am living proof.
I went face first into a tree doing about 130mph (yes miles per hour), I was wearing a helmet and it saved my life, I did get a broken skull and have metal plates n my skull instead of bone in places and various other metal bits instead of bones, yet I still believe in freedom of choice and I wouldn't berate anyone for not wearing a helmet etc.
They can fix skulls, just not whem the stuff thats supposed to be inside is splattered all over the road.

I also believe in freedom of choice, as I said I would even defend the right to be stupid.

By the way, I'm against mandatory seatbelt laws. I believe they are in place not because soneone was worried about saving lives but because someone thought it would bring good money in fines. So basically that covers my opinion on helmet laws too. Then again I always wear a seatbelt when I drive and a helmet when I ride. i'm looking fter myself but most important I'm looking to be around for my sonds and granddaughters.

My ego has been writing checks my body can no longer cash.
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