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Fellas, if you've got the time to post up: I understand the B12 has a vacuum activated fuel delivery system. My searches have come up with little in regards to running it out of fuel. For winterizing, I've been told that I just stabilize fuel, put the fuel valve switch to ON, then drain the carbs with the Drain Screws only (Part 25 on Fuel System 4-7 in the GSF1200S manual - my bike's an '01). I can't seem to run it out of fuel after switching the valve to any of the three positions (or did I not run it long enough?). Forgive the confusion on my end, I admit I'm not much of a wrencher. Last bike was FI, and previous to that I was on 80's bikes and rode on an off in the winter anyway.

The Bandit petcock SHOULD not flow fuel in on or res when NOT running(know to leak).......either drain each bowl on the carbs or pull and plug the vac line going to the petcock and run it dry in on or res.
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