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Originally Posted by Nyuscdjs View Post
If you had to choose again between the 2012 GSA or the 2013 GS, which would you do? I'm faced with this choice coming from a 2005 1200GS and would be very interested in your opinion.

I'm coming from a 2005 r12GS to having my deposit down and salivating over the new 2013 waterboxer.
My father has a 2012 r12 GSA triple black and it is a NICE ride. I rode it for the first time this weekend. It feels like a Cadillac on the tarmac, but I can instantly tell it's ready for off road as well with a wonderful ESA, which the 2013 will have as an option.
If you are looking to do long distance rides and don't care to stop a lot, get the GSA because it has a bigger fuel tank.
If you are looking for more horsepower, lighter bike, get the 2013 water boxer. I don't like riding more than 100-150 miles without stopping, so a large fuel tank isn't for me. It's going to have the same features/options and more that the 2012 GSA has, minus the large fuel tank and crash bars. It will have a really neat LED package feature(i hope it's available in the states).

My vote is going to be on the 2013 water boxer. I've sat on it at the road show and it feels great. Unfortunately, they didn't have a key so I couldn't hear it started.

Remember, the 2013 is an ENTIRELY different bike, almost everything is new on this bike. You are taking somewhat of a risk as a consumer being a beta tester for BMW, but I'm really not too worried about it. If there's a major problem, BMW will do a recall. You'll have a 3 year warranty as well.

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