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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
I used Stabil, the first two years, on my GF's SVS. Both years, the carbs gummed up. I switched to Seafoam and haven't had a problem, since. Also, I put everything on Battery Tenders, anytime they're parked. Doing that got me 10yrs of use from the original battery. I replaced it with a Shorai and will see how long that lasts.
I've had good luck thou come spring i suck out as much gas as possible and it gets a full tank of premium to run the stuff out,but yeah you can smell the stabil in the gas.
I pull my battery out over winter and store it on a piece of wood in the basement, its the original and yesterday the bike hadn't moved in over a month and was also 30* f so its gonna crank hard. I think the best was last spring i had just put the battery in and was going to start it when my buddy walked in and it barely hit the starter and it fired right up and he couldn't believe that..
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