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I used exclusively the products I mentioned before. The Adtech ES201pc surface coat, then the powdered cotton for a good mechanical bond directly on the mold surface. A layer of cloth and caposil in the hard turns, then lam 1/2" thick with the epoxy resin and CSM. I would let the surface coat tack, about an hour depending on weather, then let the layer of cloth tack, about a day because of the resin we used, then do the entire rest of the layup at once. It was messy though. We lost maybe a quart or less of resin to the ground

My experience was very narrow in that I used the same process for the years I made molds. So much that, when I go to make new molds for my new project ill make them with the same mats I used before. It'll cost about 4x as much to make them but they'll last and they'll be strong.

The molds I made, a few times we retired some, we tested them. We threw them, jumped on them, drove on them and they held up with the exception of the scratches you'd expect from the concrete floor they were abused on.
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