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Originally Posted by justdrew View Post
So I'm picking up a few titles dirt cheap with the Steam sale. I don't think it's possible, but has anyone been able to play Steam games through their XBox 360?

Second question - How important is hard drive space for the 360. I understand disk based games can run with reduced load times if copied onto the hard drive. I also enjoy indie games, and there would be the inevitable DLC.

Anybody have preferences for multiplatform games, console vs PC?
(I know, I may as well ask what kind of oil is best)
I own both a ps3 and a xbox 360 (the cheap one) and you wont have much space to download games on a 360. ps3 has plenty of space out of the box. I prefer the ps3 by a wide margin.. I havent played many pc games I enjoy playing console games for several reasons. Much cheaper playing on a 50 in Tv verus a computer screen and the money it takes to have a powerful game computer. In my opinion the best games are battlefield 3(online), dead space 1 and 2, resident evil 5(6 was terrible), and assinsin creed has beem fun and these games can be played on any system. Anybody wants to play online battlefield or cod send me an invite SoFa-Soldier I play with a good bunch of guys. For indie games check out dust weird, but fun
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