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I was one of the "Might" :Been Looking" "Checking them Out" people. I have a DS KLR 650 set up for some serious off the highway travel. I knew knothing about hacks or riding them. It was just something I wanted to do. I had a health scare early this year and decided what did I have to loose. I am not a professional wrench by any means but kept my old Harleys running when I was experiencing my misspent youth.
I pulled the pin on a 2012 GU in June of this year. I just turned 5K on my rig. I love it. I have ridden my KLR twice since I got the GU. I get to take my granddaughter with me on my jaunts and we learned flying the chair together. The maintenence necessary is not hard and anything needed to be done can be found on the internet. And the skill set you learn on riding this rig is fun. One day you are going down the road and you flash that Hey, I am not thinking about riding the rig, but just enjoying the ride.
Are they perfect? Of course not. But the people I have met so far either in person or on the SS forum have been great. I remember the old HD days when the bikes had a soul and a personality not a marketing niche. Urals have a soul.
If you want a ride it and forget it, then DONT get a Ural.
If you do not like strangers coming up to you to talk to you, then DONT get a Ural.
If you want to go fast and do your riding with large groups of simillarly clothed riders with manufacturer logos on everything , then DONT get a Ural.
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