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Originally Posted by JGNC
I bet that kid is still talking about it too. I refuse to wheelie for anyone but little kids are an exception.

Originally Posted by KX50002 View Post
I wheelied my Bandit for the neighborhood kids once. The throttle stuck, I wound up taking out 4 poles and about 30 feet of my chainlink fence. I locked the rear wheel(didn't want to use the front brake and go over the bars lol), when the front end came down my backwheel hit the trailer hitch sticking out of my van in the driveway. Which spun me to the right pointing me towards the fence, and broke my back wheel. I then went through the fence. the look on the kids faces was priceless... I think they thought I died! I jumped up off the ground, pulled the 2 loaves of italian bread which I had stuffed into my jacket (the whole reason I had gone out) and anounced "It's OK, the bread isn't smushed!"

I fixed my throttle, and back wheel. But I don't do wheelies for the kids anymore, I can't even think about "what if one of the kids were in the wrong place at the wrong time?"

I still love doing wheelies though, just not around the neighborhood.

Sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but that shit's freaking HILARIOUS!!

I can guaranDAMNtee you that the kids in your neighbourhood are still talking about THAT stunt.

Hell, they'll be telling that story for the rest of their lives!!

You must be famous (more likely infamous) in your 'hood 'cause of that stunt.

(Glad you, and your baguettes, made it out alive.)
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