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Which one will be more forgiving when you drop it in a driveway or parking lot, making those newbie mistakes we all make? If you bought a used, loved KLR, it won't depreciate much below what it is. The 07's were the almost the exact same as the 88's, so there's not a lot of market growth there. Don't let anybody kid you, KLR's are friggin rockets. Mine will do interstate speeds, and occasionally pass a car.

I would point any new motorcycle owner toward a used dual-sport like a KLR or DR, just because they're cheap, cheap to fix, and very forgiving of those amateur mistakes (that a lot of veterans still make). If it doesn't jive with you after a few thousand miles, sell it and upgrade to the BMW. Neither is a fully-faired tourer that's gonna give you much protection in the cold.
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