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internet is pretty spotty everywhere - not that I would have it any other way....

Yesterday we left San Filepe and the took the BEAUTIFUL road all the way down to Gonzaga. The new highway is GORGEOUS and rivals California's Hwy 1 easily.
It's paved to within two or three miles of gonzaga - we literally ran out of highway! We were tooling along and we passed the guys making the curbs - who waved - we passed the paving crew - who waved - then it was graded dirt - then we passed a incomplete bridge (thank god I was following orders and just cruising along....) then we decided that we should probably be off of the new highway and onto the old one.

Gonzaga was amazing - more on that later.

Today we took the dirt road (along the Baja 1000 course as we found out) from Gonzaga to Coco's and eventually onto Bay of LA. It was not horrible going two up on the GS with all the gear - but certainly not easy. We had one REALLY close call with a full on slide at about 45 mph in the sand so I slowed down after that....

We ran into several groups of guys on the way. One group was from Colorado, one from Utah and one random guy by himself from BC. Lots of gringos out here...

we are hoping to make it to Cabo in 3 or 4 days and turn around seeing as we will have run out of continent by then.

We are amassing pictures and we will do a full and obnoxiously long ride report when we return
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