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I just drove to Los Angeles and back for the holiday. The mileage worked out to about 42 mpg for the full trip, 800 miles. The total average for the car since brand new is now 69 mpg. The drive back took about nine hours due to traffic instead of the usual six. That may be the first time I've made almost the entire drive at the speed limit.

The car would hold 80 on the southbound climb over the Grapevine but there wasn't much acceleration. Northbound on the descent I was able to add 15 miles to the range due to the downhill grade. It appears that it doesn't charge more than about 12 kw coasting down hill. The car would out run the cruise control i.e. it would coast at 70 when the cruise was set at 65. I though it might use more regen. to hold the set speed. If I feathered the brakes I could hold the speed at 65 and see a sizable increase in the charge rate.

One of the hacks that would be cool is a way to see what the crossover point is from pure regen. to mechanical brakes to avoid heating the brakes instead of recovering energy. Also, the temperature of the engine, motor/generator, battery and inverter would be nice.
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